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Commander's Message

A message from Lt Col Shawn Lawson, San Francisco Bay Group 2 Commander

Group 2 has a proud tradition of excellence and leadership throughout the Bay Area and California.

Each year, Group 2 is well represented in all three missions of Civil Air Patrol.  Our Cadets regularly compete in Color Guard competition, the annual Bears and Wings Challenge, participate as Staff and students at Encampment, and we host many Integrated Leadership Program (ILP) schools. Our Cadet and Composite Squadrons in Watsonville, Palo Alto, San Carlos, San Francisco, San Jose, Hayward, Concord and Livermore provide excellent leadership opportunities to our Cadet members. We provide an excellent opportunity to our Cadet members to receive flights in Corporate aircraft and are happy that pilots from these squadrons as well as our Senior squadrons in Oakland and San Jose volunteer their time to fly them!

Group 2 has a strong showing in Emergency Services. We conduct Tsunami Warning Missions along the coast, perform damage assessment and aerial reconnaissance after fires, earthquakes and tsunamis, conduct search and rescue operations, participate in numerous homeland security missions, and train continuously throughout the year in order to safely, efficiently, and successfully execute these missions. All members, both Seniors and Cadets, participate actively in these missions, fulfilling roles as Base staff, Ground Team members, and Aircrew.  We are also proud that Group 2 is routinely chosen to host our annual state-wide exercises.

Group 2 members participate actively in our third mission of Aerospace Education.  Numerous members assist elementary and middle-school aged children by bringing CAP’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) based learning into classroom. Partnering with teachers locally, we not only help the students learn STEM topics through an aerospace focus and, hopefully, encourage them to explore aviation and space as a passion and career. We also participate and lead at numerous airshows throughout the year, from Salinas and Watsonville to Fleet Week in San Francisco as well as numerous airport days and fly-ins. It’s hard not to see us represented at big aviation events.

I salute our many volunteers who spend their time, money, and energy on giving back to our community, state and nation through Civil Air Patrol. Our wonderful members make these things happen every day, protecting our homeland, saving lives, and developing our youth. I am looking forward to seeing you and working with you. If you are new to CAP, enjoy your time at one of our local squadrons where you will see and can be a part of this tremendous organization!

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