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Group 2 Of The Year Awards

Group 2 Of The Year Awards 2022

Group 2 Members,

After a thorough review, I am pleased to announce the following “Of the Year” award winners at Group 2 level that will represent us for further consideration at the California Wing level. Those selected at wing will be recognized at the CAWG Wing Conference at the morning General Assembly or the evening Awards Banquet on Saturday, 24 September in person at Woodland Hills, CA, and most will go on to represent CAWG for further consideration at the Pacific Region. Last year we took home 40% of the awards at wing (we are 1 of 8 Groups) and I expect more of the same this year. Our volunteer members are phenomenal, I am truly privileged to serve with you.

Lt Col Shawn O. Lawson
San Francisco Bay Group 2 Commander

Members highlighted in Red were also awarded the California Wing Of The Year Awards at the California Wing Conference. In addition, this is the first time in memory that Group 2 was awarded all three Squadron OTY awards!!

1. Senior Member OTY – Maj Katherine Brown, Sq. 156

2. Cadet OTY – C/Maj Leon Zhao, Sq. 192

3. Education and Training (PD) Officer OTY – Capt Richard West, Sq. 80

4. AFSA Cadet NCO OTY – C/CMSgt Grace Muresan, Sq. 10

5. Sorenson Cadet Programs Officer OTY – Capt Louise Mateos, Sq. 10

6Communicator OTY – Maj George Gadd, Sq. 80

7. Payton Public Affairs Officer OTY – Lt Col Noel Luneau, Sq. 156

8. Taylor Chaplain OTY – Capt AnnaMae Taubeneck, Sq. 10

9. Holm Aerospace Education Officer OTY – Maj Van Henson, Sq. 156

10. Brewer Memorial Aerospace Award, Cadet – C/1st Lt Preston Kwok, Sq. 192

11. Brewer Memorial Aerospace Award, Senior – 1st Lt Kailash Kalidoss, Sq. 80

12. AFA Aerospace Education Cadet OTY – C/SSgt Maxim Manokhin, Sq. 10

13. Kantor Operations Staff Officer OTY – Maj Karin Hollerbach, Sq. 188

14. Riddle Aircrew Member OTY – Maj Karin Hollerbach, Sq. 188 and Maj Stephen Swale, Sq. 80 representing Group 2 as a single nomination

15. Recruiting and Retention Officer OTY - Capt Louise Mateos, Sq. 10

16. Health Service Officer OTY – 1st Lt James Bird, Sq. 80

17. Unit Commander OTY - Capt Richard West, Sq. 80

18. Pilot OTY – Capt Michael Gross, Sq. 10

19. Observer OTY – 2d Lt Swaminatha Vasudevan, Sq. 10

20. Cadet Squadron OTY – East Bay Cadet Squadron 18

21. Composite Squadron OTY – Diablo Composite Squadron 44

22. Senior Squadron OTY – San Jose Senior Squadron 80

23. Finance Officer OTY – 1s Lt Regien DeBleecker, Sq. 10

24. Flight Instructor OTY - Capt Keith Breton, Sq. 156

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