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Since being appointed to serve as the Cadet Program Officer for Group 2, I continue to be impressed by the young men and women who comprise our cadet corps. While some may find themselves very new to the program, others have continued their participation and personal development over the span of several years. Many have advanced their CAP training and are now playing an important role as cadet leaders in their home squadrons.

No matter which of our eight Cadet or Composite units you may visit or attend, each one provides opportunities for young people ages 12-20 to become better leaders, better friends, better citizens. Click here to visit our national website and learn more about the Cadet Program, learn why we proudly refer to ourselves as one of America’s best youth programs.

Or, better yet, if you would like to see and experience the Cadet Program in person, contact any one of our eight Cadet or Composite units and arrange to visit their meeting. See our young leaders in action and talk with the local Cadet Program Officers.

The men and women who volunteer many hours every week in each of these Cadet or Composite squadrons are also amazing. They are dedicated to helping our cadets improve their leadership skills, expand their understanding of and passion for aerospace and aviation, refine their character and develop a healthy and fit lifestyle. All the while modeling what it means to be an engaged member of a volunteer community.

To all of these, both youth and adults, we endeavor to bring support, guidance and leadership, drawing from our past nine years of CAP experience, our perspective as a parent of cadets, and our own passion and commitment to see each of our cadet members gain as much benefit from their CAP experience as possible.

Please see the links at the left to find out more information about Cadet Program events and activities at the local, group and wing levels.

More about Cadet Programs - National Headquarters link

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