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Group 2 History and Charter

December 8, 2020

Happy Holidays fellow members of Group 2 and friends!

We are excited to report that after extensive research (and some educated guesses) we have updated the history of Group 2 here.

Our Group Historian Capt Nikolay Zherebnenkov has done an excellent job of researching the history of Second Group, Group 2, Peninsula Group 2 and San Francisco Bay Area Group 2.

Sadly, our charter was lost and NHQ did not have the date of our formation. Through research we gave NHQ two dates of 1949 with the formation of the original Group 2 from Second Group, and the second date being the formation of San Francisco Bay Group 2 in 1983.

NHQ chose the date of 1 January 1949 and we just received our new charter!

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